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Bonds Underwear
Bonds underwear, established as Bonds in Sydney, Australia in 1915, carries true Australian history proudly in their undergarments. Although a lot has changed over what is almost an entire century since the brand’s founding by George Bonds, one thing remains the same. Bonds underwear is still made with the same dedication to their products, and the brand continues to grow with their roots in Australian culture.

Bonds underwear claims to be “Australia’s best clothing and underwear online,” and since officially starting their manufacturing of underwear in 1918, they have worked hard to earn and uphold their bold claim. As a brand that has always believed in making their product accessible and right for the people, the designers at Bonds are now a rather stylish Australian mens underwear brand. Though they started with only simple white briefs, the brand now includes shorts, trunks, and briefs  in a striking and sexy variety of colors and styles.

Bonds underwear sets itself apart as a front runner in Australian underwear production by being both stylistically innovative and hip, but always accessible to the people. Make no mistake, this Australian underwear brand keeps its look modern and striking, but still one of the most affordable, even available in multipacks. Bonds underwear keeps almost an entire century of Australian pride in their underwear- and it shows!