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More About Body Q
Founded in the South of France, Body Q offers underwear comfortable enough to wear everyday yet stylish enough to wear for any special occasion. The brand sees underwear as a vital accessory that can add depth to any outfit. Targeted consumers include young men in their 20’s or 30’s with the confidence to wear bold designs. The “Q” in the Body Q logo is stylized as the sign of mars or a representation of masculinity.

Body Q has been in the underwear business since 2010 and recently opened up its products for American consumption in the summer of 2012. The brand’s North American Headquarters is located in “Sin City” itself, Las Vegas. New products are released every six months offering a constant variety in colors and cuts.

Using a variety of microfiber fabric blends of 92% polyester and 8% elastane or 92% polyester and 8% spandex, Body Q offers a unique feel to the skin. These fabrics wrap around the male body and naturally enhance its shapes. BodyQ ensures that most cuts accentuate and support the male anatomy. Most products include the signature wide waistband, which prominently features the brand’s logo.

Designed in France, the brand offers a high number of modern cut options. Boxer briefs are available in low- or mid-rise styles with leg height varying from brief length to the mid thigh. Body Q provides a great choice of colors and designs to choose from. Boisterous prints featuring flowers and intricate designs as well as sleek solid tones are offered. Stripes and bold colors also cause Body Q to stand out amongst a world of dull colors.