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More About Bodyaware
Established in 1987, Bodyaware is a men’s underwear and sleepwear brand that offers sexy designs and erotically charged styles made from unique fabrics and intricate cuts. The brand offers a large selection of men’s underwear products including briefs, thongs, G-strings, boxer briefs, boxers, bodysuits, backless pouches, swimwear and sportswear as well as men’s cosmetics, skincare and erotic toys.

Bodyaware’s sleepwear and underwear designs are made from top quality, durable fabrics. These styles include silk underwear for men, lace thongs and the latest undergarments using up-to-the-minute fabric technology such as modal, tactel, lycra and satin. All of the brand’s products are designed and manufactured in the United States. Bodyaware constantly adds new products to its underwear line on a monthly basis.

Kristina and David Bonfield founded the company after the couple met in China, where they eventually got married.  For their honeymoon, the pair traveled throughout the countryside of China during the winter. They purchased Chinese silk underwear and, after six weeks, the newly wed couple observed that the lightweight silk kept them warm on cold nights. The underwear was also easy to wash. Their only reservation was that the silk underwear came in drab colors.

Set out to offer a visually striking line of silk undies, the Bonfields later decided to create their own men’s underwear brand, based in the United Kingdom, made entirely from silk and offered in vibrant colors. For the past two decades, Bodyaware has increased its product offerings to other fabrics as consumer demand grew. The brand is currently based in Scottsdale, AZ.