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More About Bjorn Borg Underwear
If you’re looking for a totally awesome mashup of men’s athletic underwear and incomparable style, Bjorn Borg underwear is the brand for you! Inspired by the success of the tennis player of the same name during the late 1970’s, Bjorn Borg underwear has become one of the most popular men’s designer and athletic underwear in Sweden, and across Europe and internationally as well.

The success of the Bjorn Borg underwear comes hand in hand with the fame of the brand’s entire clothing line, though it’s mostly men’s athletic underwear that’s “proving to be the star of the team.” Bjorn Borg innovates with their underwear, and continues to push the envelope with new products that break away from traditional underwear design. Their designs boast vital improvements in support and comfortability with simple, clever changes, such as slightly more snug and stretchable fabrics, fly-free pouches and less obtrusive waistbands.

As athlete-oriented as the brand may be, Bjorn Borg’s stylish designs and vibrant color palettes also make it a leader in men’s designer underwear. The brand believes there’s something to be said for underwear that can help you get the job done, but especially for underwear that can make you look good doing it! When it comes down to it, Bjorn Borg underwear rocks the men’s fashion and underwear industry with the strength of the backhand swing of the tennis player, Bjorn Borg himself.