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More About Bayou Beau
Founded in 2010 in Houston, Texas, Bayou Beau offers Gulf Coast influenced colors, cuts and designs to customers everywhere. Collections range from classic styles and colors to more eccentric designs, and everything in between. Ranging in various bold colors and unique cuts, Bayou Beau presents customers with choice and a taste of the Gulf Coast.

Bayou Beau’s underwear collections are named based after the company’s Gulf Coast influence, such as the Bait and Tackle and Fleur-de-Lis collections. Bayou Beau offers a variety of styles that include trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and boxers. Although Bayou Beau’s looks and cuts may vary, the brand offers a comfortable fabric blend. The fabric blend consists of 90-95% cotton and 5-10% spandex which ensures that the underwear stays in place and feels comfortable too. The double-layered pouch is designed to maximize support and comfort. Bayou Beau also offers flat front underwear for women who prefer the feel of underwear for men but would rather not have a pouch.

Jeff Ramirez and Josiah Franklin created Bayou Beau with the intention to provide comfortable and fashionable underwear while still retaining Southern masculinity. Bayou Beau commits to helping those in need by donating percentage of its proceeds from one of its collection to an organization that promotes pride, education, and support to the local LGBT community. Past Bayou Beau charities have included scholarships to LGBT students, raising awareness for AIDS and promoting social equality.

In addition to offering underwear in Texas and New Orleans, the brand ships internationally. Today, men everywhere slip on their Bayou Beau underwear either in support of the brand’s philanthropy, or because of the large variety of comfortable, stylish underwear.