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More About Barcode Berlin

Straight from the heart of Germany, Barcode Berlin promises the spirit of Berlin, while incorporating styles and designs from around the world. Barcode Berlin exclusively produces their products in Europe, promising the quality and cultural integrity of all their products. The line itself is focused around ultra sexy style and fetish-based designed in their cuts and colors.

Barcode Berlin “reflects the style of Berlin: it’s open, it’s sexy, it’s independent.” In addition to providing quality fabric and thoroughly monitored production, Barcode Berlin provides the sex appeal Berlin has been famous for since the Weimar culture of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and if it’s a little racy… so be it! Berlin has never been afraid to be sexy! At the same time, Barcode Berlin offers collections of more modern and modest appeal, satisfying the needs of any man.

Barcode Berlin boasts that, with their line, “comfy and sexy are no contradiction at all.” With their sexy range of style, all of their underwear provides great fun choices for any occasion, that is, if you’re willing to push the envelope as Berlin always has!