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More About Bakhou Underwear
If it is not apparent from the garments themselves, Bakhou has gone one step further, featuring a lush and effective ad campaign that uses one of Argentina’s biggest stars to convey the confident manner and disposition in their brand. Bakhou Underwear’s campaign, starring Mariano Martinez, delivers on all fronts, displaying their product vividly and boldly, with their logo displayed prominently on the waistband in classic black, white, and blue.

South Americans are known for wearing underthings that leave little to the imagination and for the man confident enough to don their apparel, Bakhou Underwear indeed plays up this aesthetic, yet in a way that does not alienate the general public. In fact, as more men expand beyond basic undergarments, they are finding that brands like Bakhou are diligently answering directly to them. From their briefs to boxer briefs that cover a bit more, it’s their use of patterns that serve as a great alternative to the mundane in men’s underwear apparel. Bakhou Underwear is a brand that delivers, with class and panache.