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More About Automatic Underwear
When Andy Warhol said that everyone would have their very own fifteen minutes of fame, no one believed him at the time and blew it off as a fad or gimmick theory. Maybe he was on to something. Except —

He was wrong about the time frame. Automatic Underwear is a brand that is deep in the trenches of the pop-art world, marketing their underwear directly at one of the hardest markets to attract and retain: the elusive hipster. For those Millennials out there that want their pop-art to extend down below, Automatic Underwear is the brand to turn to. Everyone wants to have a little arcade action on their nether-region; and, Automatic Underwear offers a bit of Pac-Man style down below that is simultaneously classic (in that 80s sort of way) and trendy. The 80s are back whether you want to admit it or not, and Automatic Underwear makes it easy to replicate that feeling of nostalgia, snugly around your waist.

From pop icons and iconic comics, Automatic Underwear boasts color and history, and celebrates a hipster culture that is not going anywhere any time soon. Keep your eye on Automatic.