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More About Aussiebum
Aussiebum is an Australian men’s swimwear and underwear brand, launched in 2001 by Sean Ashby who started the company when he couldn’t find the style of nylon swimwear he grew up with. All products are manufactured in Australia with the business run completely out of the company’s headquarters in a suburb in Sydney.

Since then, Aussiebum achieved international recognition for several products such as the Aussiebum Wonderjock range, which offers pouch support and enhancement, and the Essence collection, which contains vitamins locked in the fiber that releases through the skin. Joined by co-director Guyon Holland, Ashby created a new market by bringing back the classic speedo style while introducing vibrant designs.

Since starting out with only $20,000 in 2001, Aussiebum has grown to a multi-million dollar global enterprise, manufacturing over 150 different styles of products. The company has doubled in size each year since its founding.

Aussiebum Men’s Underwear offers a wide array of sporting colors, stripes and prints for its popular styles, which include:

Aussiebum Briefs
Aussiebum Boxer Briefs
Aussiebum Jockstraps
Aussiebum Trunks
Aussiebum Boxers

Aussiebum Underwear also features a variety of comfortable fabrics such as bamboo, Egyptian cotton, nylon, polyester, cotton, modal and polyamide.

Aussiebum Underwear promotes its products through a distinctly cheeky advertising style. The brand turned heads in Australia with the remaking of the iconic Australian painting, Shearing the Rams, which depicts muscular men shearing sheep in just their underwear. Among gay consumers, Aussiebum models have become well-known for their good looks and chiseled physiques, especially when wearing the Aussiebum jock.

Revolutionizing the men’s swimwear industry, Aussiebum Swimwear offers fun, stylish designs and true artistry to its different styles, which include:

Aussiebum Swim Shorts
Aussiebum Surf Shorts
Aussiebum Trunks

The Aussiebum swim collection features vivid and classic colors and hipster cuts while some ranges offer the Aussiebum Wonderjock pouch enhancement. Each of the Aussiebum swimwear designs is created using advanced graphics technology to produce clean lines and vibrant colors that won’t fade or run.