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More About Artillery
Artillery Underwear offers an original artistic statement to men’s underwear by pairing with independent artists to produce edgy designs. This Australian-based brand sets itself apart with one-of-a-kind, artistic limited editions that can be worn with bona fide pride.

Milena Covelli, founder of Artillery Underwear, came up with the idea for the company after one of her friends mentioned that it would be so cool to design his own pair of underwear. Covelli thought strongly about his idea and evolved into a thrilling concept of limited edition prints. Artillery Underwear prides itself for being 100% artist designed.

“We only give artists a pair of undies as a canvas and then what they do is up to them,” Covelli said. “The design space on the undies is definitely an opportunity to show off, to have fun, and to be damn hot. You will be always amazed by original talents from all around the world.”

Artillery Underwear offers every artist exposure through its products, branding and media network. The brand constantly reviews proposals and concepts from up-and-coming artists. Some of the designs have included original interpretations of barbed wire, flowers and stripes.

Artillery Underwear also assures high quality and comfort. All of the brand’s products are made with super comfortable Peruvian cotton, which offers a longer lifespan compared to other cotton fabrics. This fabric also offers a soft and breathable feel. Artillery Underwear offers two classic styles: briefs and trunks. Both of which provide a flattering contour of your buns.