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More About Alick Alexander
Alick Alexander Underwear is dedicated to producing innovative designs that are full speed ahead in the realm of underwear. Their mission statement is geared towards the enjoyment of the male form through underwear and they remain close to their customers at all times via social media. As a relatively young company, they have been providing amazing style and comfort to men worldwide since 2007.

Based in London, Alick Alexander is a brand that always aspires to remain on the right side of all that is fresh in the market of men’s underwear, placing the experience of their customers in their product as the ultimate goal. They claim to stay unique to their brand, offering vivid colors, incomparable fit, and an overall great product.

Alick Alexander refuses to play by the rules, which is evident in their approach to their collection. Each successive season offers something imaginative and fresh that retains their signature look and style. Keeping their customers first and foremost in their minds throughout the process of design, is one of the key reasons why Alick Alexander Underwear continues to be a force to be reckoned with.