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More About Addicted
Addicted may be Spanish owned, but the presence of their collection extends outside of their borders, specifically Addicted Underwear USA. They offer the type of undergarment the company is known for, while adding a certain slice of Americana directly into the fabric and designs of many of their various styles of product. Men that are fans of the brand can choose from a wide selection of briefs and trunks all packaged to perfection. A little vanity can go a long way: all Addicted Underwear USA pieces feature the logo in front of the waistband.

What’s your color? Whatever it may be, without a doubt Addicted Underwear caters to the man that takes pride in his appearance and is not afraid to show it off. Strong, bold colors and imaginative design are traits that Addicted Underwear USA fans will recognize in the company ES collection as well.

Known for their splashy ad campaigns and gorgeous models, Addicted proves that there is character not only in their promotion, but in their product. Men that dare to display their boldness through their briefs will hit it out of the park with Addicted Underwear USA.