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More About 4Skins
As the name suggests, 4Skins Underwear is an Australian-based brand for all different skin colors of men. 4Skins makes a strong emphasis on comfort and alluring designs. The brand promotes diversity in its marketing campaign, too.

4Skins aims to deliver the highest quality and comfortable garments for its briefs and trunks. This was achieved by selecting quality stretch fabrics and trims with a strong emphasis on the cutting. The brand has conducted extensive wear trials to ensure the comfort and durability of all its products.The designs are inspired by the natural contour of the human body by incorporating clean and crisp lines. 4Skins attempts to exude a sensual sense of style and sophistication.

As a universal brand for all types of men, 4Skins understands how difficult it is to keep things cool and fresh. That’s why the brand has introduced a selection of underwear that have an advance Neutralizer odor control technology keeping you fresh and smelling your best. The fabric technology builds odor control into each fiber. By doing this, it attracts, isolates and neutralizes unwanted smell immediately.

So where does all the absorbed fumes end up? As the smell is absorbed into the fabric, it holds onto the odor until you place the undies in the wash and this is when the odor is released, according to the brand. The absorption of odor does not hinder the natural pore structure of the fabric, hence your skin can breathe freely and naturally, maintaining its performance over time and retaining its natural softness.