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More About 2wink
2wink is an Australian swimwear and underwear brand known for taking pride in their product, and holding high standards for underwear. The Australian men’s underwear brand was founded by “two Aussie guys” Eddie Jones and and Mark Turner in 2005, named after the famous Australian gesture of the wink. According to founders Jones and Turner, if an “Aussie guy” likes you, he’s sure to give you a wink. Thus, the name: “2wink” or “to wink.” Unlike most other Australian named brands, 2wink takes pride in their underwear being legitimately Australian-made.

The brand is certainly named “2wink” for a reason, as their underwear is incredibly stylish, and using very masculine color palettes in their variety of collections. In addition to regular boxer brief and brief underwear, 2wink creates unique designs, including cool waistband designs and colors, as well as tons of different cut styles and lengths that defy the typical expectations of underwear.

2wink rocks Australian made underwear with their variety of underwear cuts and color choices, all equally showing off the brands ingenuity and impeccable sense of style. Wearing a pair of 2wink underwear could really meaning getting a few winks… Long live the Aussie underwear, 2wink!