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Long Sleeve T-Shirt
The long sleeve t-shirt is exactly the same as a crew neck t-shirt, or v-neck t-shirt for that matter, except for of course, it has long sleeves. Long sleeve t-shirts originally became popular in the 1970’s as an alternative to sweatshirts, which are the same cut as a long sleeve t-shirt but with a thicker, warmer fabric.

A popular trend is to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under a short sleeve t-shirt with a contrasting color. This style of men’s shirt is also commonly worn during cold winter months as a layer.

The shirt, which covers the arms, and torso, provides more coverage than all other men’s t-shirt styles, except of course for the turtle neck, which is a long sleeve t-shirt, with a color that covers and warms the neck and is made in a thicker fabric.

Long sleeve t-shirts are often used for promotional purposes after brands screen-print their logos, images and mottos on the shirts. This can be done either on the front or the back of the long sleeve t-shirt.