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Crew Neck T-Shirt
The crew neck t-shirt is the most popular style of men’s t-shirt. It is a type of shirt that sports a rounded neckline and no collar. They are worn as both undershirts and alone, as fashion items.

The first crew neck t-shirt was manufactured in the 1930’s. It was designed as an undergarment intended to absorb sweat, and allegedly, to prevent chafing from the shoulder pads in football players’ uniforms. The U.S. Navy secured this style of t-shirt as a men’s apparel fixture by adopting it for use in the mid 20th century.

These t-shirts feature short sleeves, and a box cut that hangs over the torso. Many designers have incorporated form-fitting fabrics into the manufacturing of the crew neck t-shirt, however, in order to make the shirts tight and form-fitting. Another popular advancement for the crew neck t-shirt is shape sculpting technology. Ultra-tight and stretch fabric is utilized to reduce the appearance of unwanted pudge and love handles.