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Exclusive Male Model Interviews
In The Underwear Expert‘s male model interviews section, you’ll find in-depth, exclusive interviews with both the hottest up and coming and veteran underwear models in the industry. Our male model interviews section showcases interviews with a diverse roster of male underwear models from around the world. Featuring exclusive interviews and conversations with industry leading models presented in a variety of formats, we’re the ultimate destination for candid male model talk.

The male models interviews you’ll find provide an unparalleled look into the lives, interests, passions and hobbies of the industry’s best and tips and directions for looking like one. The Underwear Expert’s male model interviews section features:

Male modeling horror stories.
Favorite modeling memories.
Underwear picks.
Personal questions about dating, love, sex, fitness and grooming.
Candid opinions about the modeling industry.
An in-depth look into the ups and downs of the industry.
…and much more.

The Underwear Expert also features male model interviews that reveal behind the scenes secrets about what it’s like to be an underwear model. Find out what certain shoots are like, what kind of preparation is required for an underwear shoot and what the casting process is like. Our male model interviews are candid, accurate and completely authentic. Tune in to get the most current and legitimate information about today’s sexiest and most popular male underwear models right here at The Underwear Expert.