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Boxer Shorts
Also known as loose boxers or boxers, boxer shorts are one of the most popular underwear styles for men. Loose-fitting underwear with an elastic waistband, boxer shorts generally feature a fly in front. Boxer shorts, due to the amount of fabric, allow for more freedom of both movement and creative design than other underwear.

Manufactures utilize a few different methods of closing the fly in this type of men’s underwear. They use either metal snaps or buttons, however most boxer shorts today do not require fastening, as the fabric of the boxer shorts is designed to fully cover the opening of the fly.

Though many underwear brands are creating slim-fitting boxers to accommodate thin-legged pants, many boxer shorts are still made with a “balloon seat,” a panel of fabric in the center-rear of the shorts that allows for optimum movement. Two seams run down the outer edges of the “balloon seat,” creating a dedicated rear panel.

There are numerous benefits to wearing boxer shorts, but they’re mostly being overlooked as men shift from loose fitting clothing to slim-fitting clothing. One major benefit is sperm count; many scientific studies have proven that wearing men’s boxers, or loose fitting underwear, increases sperm count. Boxer shorts are also the most breathable style of underwear, and allow for almost completely unhindered movement.

Originally designed in 1925 as an alternative to leather-belted trunks worn by boxers, men’s boxers were an instant hit among men and remain popular to this day.