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A g-string is a narrow piece of fabric, leather or plastic, that holds and covers the package. A string attached to the bottom of men’s g strings runs between the buttocks, where it’s secured to a thin band around the hips. G-strings for men are hands down one of the most revealing styles of men’s underwear.

Though women made this style of men’s underwear popular, there are plenty of options of g-strings for men. Available in a variety of fabrics and designs, many brands supplement their collections with the style to offer a more comprehensive assortment of underwear. There’s a definite appeal to men’s g-strings that lies somewhere between fetish and eroticism: they hint at sexuality, but also cover up the package completely. The underwear isn’t created so much for function as aesthetics, obviously, but that’s not to say g-strings don’t serve a function at all. They’re perfect for tight pants that would, when paired with other styles of underwear, cause visible underwear lines. For a similar and only slightly less
revealing style of underwear, the thong is a perfect choice.

The origin of the term for g-strings is not exactly known, but the loincloth once popular among Native Americans was called a geestring, and it is believed that this is where the term came from.