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Swim Briefs
Swim briefs are technically swimwear worn by competitive divers and swimmers, but are by no means relegated to only those athletes. Commonly referred to as speedos, they’re one of the leading types of swimwear for men around the world.

Speedo International Ltd., which has been making swim gear since the early 20 th century, released their first swim briefs, or speedos, in 1928. Speedo and swim briefs have been synonymous ever since.

Identical in cut to men’s briefs, swim briefs generally have a low to mid rise, a V-shape front and a full coverage cut over the rear. Swim briefs are typically worn below the waist, and secured by a drawstring secured within the waist of the swimwear. They are often made with fast-drying fabrics like nylon, spandex and polyester; they’re typically lined with a thin fabric.

As one of the most popular styles of swimwear, swim briefs are often designed with an array of different colors, styles and fabrics. Though swim is a small percentage of the men’s underwear industry as a whole, they are considered fashion items, and are updated with modern styles and treatments seasonally.