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Swim Board Shorts
Swim Board Shorts, or swim shorts, are a popular style of men’s swimwear. Originally designed for aquatic athletics, including surfing, swim board shorts have grown beyond their initial function and have been embraced by male water fanatics the world over, but nowhere as much as in North America.

Swim board shorts are intended, like other swimwear, to be fast drying and are generally made with water friendly fabrics like nylon, spandex and polyester. This style of swimwear is designed to keep the upper part of the leg safe and free of chafing. Resting above the knee, swim board shorts are most similar to boxer shorts in style, but are much longer.

Swim board shorts don’t generally have an elastic waistband or drawstring like their more revealing counterparts–the swim brief and the swim square cut trunks, for example. Instead, they feature a waistband that opens in the front and is closed with either a lace-up tie or Velcro, and very often, both. This system originated to ensure that the shorts cannot be pulled or taken off easily, an ideal feature for rigorous watersports.

Swim board shorts are the most masculine of swimwear styles, and are often decorated with floral, Hawaiian prints and other athletic designs and colors.