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Swim Bikinis
Perhaps the most revealing type of men’s swimwear, swim bikinis are almost identical in cut and style to the men’s bikini underwear style. Swim bikinis were most definitely not designed for rigorous water sports, but for aesthetics, looking good, and for optimizing the summer sun.

Swim bikinis generally show the entire side of the legs and rest right on the hips; they typically cover the entire backside. Most men’s swim bikinis aren’t capped with a waistband, emphasizing the barely-there cut.

Men’s swim bikinis are made with the same water friendly fabrics as other styles like swim board shorts, swim square cut trunks, and swim briefs: spandex, polyester. Though they’re made with far less fabric than the other popular men’s swimwear styles, these fabrics ensure a quick dry.

Swim bikinis had their hay day in the 1930’s and 1940’s when male elite would wear black briefs. Today’s designers have embraced the former popularity, and presented the style in recent seasonal collections. Most bikinis from fashion houses are form-fitting and made in a variety of colors, but the most popular and masculine, of course, is black.