Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Roses are Red, Boxers are Blue

Flowers and Chocolates and Jewelry. Oh No!

When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts, we think of flowers, chocolate or if you’re feeling fancy, jewelry. But isn’t that all a little “been there, done that?” How can we stoke the fires of love and keep them burning in the bedroom? That is where we come in. Let’s be real, we probably had our fill of chocolate during the quarantine, I know we did, and that’s ok! However, this V-Day, we don’t want to be a cliché. We want to make sure we are shaking up those gift ideas and keeping our loved ones on their toes. Making sure we put a ton of thought into what we give, reminding them why they fell in love with us in the first place! Why not share with that special someone a gift that keeps on giving. Our monthly Underwear Club will keep you and your partner feeling sexy, not just on Valentine’s Day, but for months to come!Our boxes can range from one to three pairs per month. One for when you want to see your partner in something new, two for when you both want to feel the fantasy, and even three if you’re looking to really spice things up and bring in a guest star! Why not!?Underwear Expert has over 45 curated items for Valentine’s Day, making sure the roses aren’t the only things that are red! Flowers are a great gift. This we know. Gifting a loved one flowers is a tradition that dates all the way back to ancient Greece. Now if you were paying attention in sixth grade social studies, you would know that that is a very long time ago. It is time we put a new spin on the tradition. That is where the Impetus Botanic Trunk comes into play. This fabulous floral print also comes in a thong, jock, brief, and boxer brief style, so there is something for every preference. Guaranteed that the love will be in full bloom!


Impetus Botanic Trunk


Diesel UMBR Andre Brief


Unsimply Stitched Houndstooth Trunk


[/ux_stack] Contrary to belief, not every kiss begins with Kay. While thoughtful, jewelry isn’t necessarily something you and your partner can share. Who needs jewelry anyway when you’ve got your own family jewels. We like to think that some kisses can begin with the Code 22 Energy Brief. Ok, so we may not have the “k”, but hey, it’s still alliteration! This sexy mesh brief gives you or your partner a sneak peak of each other’s jewels! Certain to warrant more than just a kiss! The Code 22 Energy line also comes in a jockstrap as well, should you want something a little more revealing.

PUMP! Red Ribbed Brief


Impetus Smooth Jockstrap


Code22 Energy Brief


[/ux_stack] Should you play your card of hearts right, the bedroom is where you and your Valentine will be ending up. Let the best pair feeling lead to the best night ever! Check out our store to embrace your inner Cupid and make this a Valentine’s Day to remember! 


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