The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway: A Winter Style Guide

Relax Disney gays, this isn’t a blog on the Frozen 3 rumors, but we still have something exciting to share. Just like our friends in House Stark warned, winter has come, but no need to stress because Underwear Expert has plenty of ways to keep you warm! Making sure you’re cozy enough to still order that iced coffee, even with the below zero wind chill! 

As gay man, getting dressed during the the dead of winter can be tough. The biggest factor being, do we dress for fashion or for function? Do you wear the cute leather jacket and freeze while waiting in line at the club? Or do you wear the huge puffer jacket and have to worry about coat check or looking like the Michelin Man? We need to turn a look and sometimes your cutest pair of pants aren’t necessarily your warmest. That is where the C-IN2 Core Long Johns. Available in both grey or black, just slide your favorite pair of leather pants over them and voila, fashion and function! Soft, supportive and breathable for when those frigid nights star to heat up on the dance floor! Above all else, it just sounds sexy. Who wouldn’t want a john who happens to be on the longer side, right? 

Going out not your style? Would you rather be home rewatching Selling Sunset? We totally understand. We are still in a panorama/panini/Pan-Demi Moore after all. There is nothing better than a pair of joggers to curl up in while we veg out. The Teamm8 Rider Sweatpants are going to be your new boyfriend. You can get both navy and grey marble if you’re looking to be part of a throuple. The four way stretch fabric allows maximum comfort while you move from your bed to the couch. The zippered pockets are perfect for your PWK (phone, wallet, keys) when you decide to venture away from the living room to pick up your mobile order at Starbucks. 

For us work from home gals, It may be time to update that WFH wardrobe. Those once pristine DIY, tie-dyed sets may have faded to a tie-don’t. Throw it in the donation pile and upgrade to our Teamm8 The One Long Lounge Set. This lounge set allows you to be the best dressed in your breakout room without sacrificing your comfort! The top half resembles a henley, giving you business on top and cozy on the bottom, perfect for any zoom call! It comes in both khaki and grey marble. 

The Code 22 Joggers are the perfect bottom for when you want a change of pace from your WFH environment and are stepping out to work at the coffee shop on the corner. Super sleek in both Black and Army Green, you’re certain to make the men do a double take like the distracted boyfriend meme!

There is nothing better than a snow day . That is, if you have the luxury to stay in and watch it fall from a distance. The best part of a snow day is cuddling up in your favorite sweatshirt and rewatching Mean Girls for the 435th time. Might we suggest the Supawear Recovery Hoodie, in Reboot Green and Blue. The warm cotton-blend is designed to keep your muscles warm with a fleecy interior for comfort. There’s nothing cuter than a matching set so pair your hoodie with the Supawear Recovery Pants to complete the ensemble!

Even though we would prefer an eternal summer, that just isn’t the reality we face. Let Underwear Expert get you through those colder months all the way through to rosé (underwear party) season. Stay warm, friends!



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    I love this article and this site! You guys are awesome and I’m a huge fan of your sexy structuring of this amazing content!

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