Style Guide: Winter Heat Wave

The snow is falling, winds are blowing and there’s a biting chill in the air. Winter is upon us. But here in the Underwear Expert Club, we have just the thing to get you thinking warm thoughts. In today’s style guide, model John Smith is showing off tropically warm undies to heat things up and melt the ice forming around our emotions this cold, cold winter season. Take a minute to go through our style quiz and we’ll start sending you perfectly curated undies to keep your winter blues at bay.

Tropic Thunder –

Just picture yourself on a beach, palm trees flying high above and sand in your toes. Those images can keep you warm when the cold winds blow this winter, and that’s exactly what this pair of trunks conjures up. Tropical birds flying high above while the sun caresses your skin. Keep a pair like this near and it can be summer all year long.


Greek Isles

The warm salty breezes of Mykonos and Santorini come to mind with the beautiful blue tones of this brief. You can’t help but imagine yourself on those beautiful islands, the ocean roaring near by. The modern cut keeps things sexy, and the flowers keep summer close at hand.


Paradise Lost –

The ultra soft fabric of this boxer brief is enough to wrap you in warm thoughts, but add in the floral pattern and you’re in a paradise. Ignore the bitter cold outside your window, crack open a Corona and let the beach take you over. No need to get bogged down by the dark and dreary sky just outside. Don’t like boxer briefs? Keep in mind, we’ll keep your preferences close at hand when we’re hand-picking your monthly shipment. You’ll always get exactly what you want! Get started today.


Suns Out, Buns Out

There’s nothing quite like a bright yellow jockstrap to get the temperature rising. Wether you wear it for yourself, a sexy little secret under your layers and layers of winter wear; or you wear it for when those layers come off with that special someone, a pair of undies like this are certain to warm up the room!


Pink Skies at Night

The brighter, the better. Cheer and happiness follow where ever color like these go. Pink is perfect for improving your mood, and the accents of blue keep things chipper too! But don’t worry, if colors these bold aren’t your style, we’ll know based on your style preferences. So just take our style quiz and get started with the club today!




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