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‘Tis the season of tinsel and lights, carols and gifts. That’s right. Gifts. We’d be lying if we said that the tradition of gift-giving that surrounds this time of year doesn’t give us a certain level of stress! The good news is, The Underwear Expert Club has the perfect gift for the guy in your life. In the past, gifting underwear was seen as a bit of a joke, a throw-away, or a “dad” gift. But with a membership to our club, he’ll get an expertly curated monthly shipment of the best and most stylish underwear anywhere!

In today’s style guide, model Adam Waldo is showing off pairs of undies for every personality. We carry a wide variety of brands, colors, cuts and styles just so that we can suit every man’s needs. From superhero to super-dad, from bohemian to blue-collar, we’ve got your man covered.

You pick the membership type, as in how many pairs and how often. He signs in and customizes his style preferences to get exactly the type of underwear he’ll love. It’s a personalized and personal gift that keeps on giving for months to come. So after you check out this style guide, check out our gift memberships here.


The Modern Stylish Man – Diesel – MO-D Brief – Gravel Grey

If your man likes clean lines and cool colors, this brief by Diesel is the best example of how we’ll cater to his style with a monthly membership. The clay color combination is the epitome of contemporary fashion. The piping details and low-rise cut suggest a very refined level of taste. The truly style-conscious dresser should start from the foundation with a perfectly picked pair of undies just like these.



The Wave Rider – Wood – Brief – Blue Warp

Wether he’s rides the waves on the worlds best beaches from Cali to Bondi, or surfs the web as an easy-going creative type looking for his next gig, the Blue Warp Brief from Wood is a fun and chill example of underwear for the laid back, carefree dude. While patterns aren’t for every man, the “warping” blue lines found here give these briefs an undeniable cool vibe. So catch the curl, cause we’ve got just the right style for your guy, no matter what! So send him that gift membership today!



The Player – Jack Adams – Relay Brief – Blue

Wether your man likes to watch the game or get out and play, the sport-inspired style of this brief from Jack Adams is sure to be a home run. “But he would never wear briefs” you say? Guess what? He doesn’t have to. He can choose to rock a cut like this, or opt for the more covered cousin, the boxer-brief. You give him the gift, we give him the choices. We’ll make sure he only gets undies he’ll LOVE.



The Lover of Life – Garcon Model – Barton Brief – Blue/Green

Bright and bold, full of energy and a zest for life! If that’s your guy, we’ve got him covered with bright colors and bold patterns just like this brief from Garcon Model. The neon colors should look at me, and the cut doesn’t shy away either. And as with any of our personality types, we’ve got options in every cut; brief, trunk, boxer brief and even jockstraps for the true show-off.



Man of Mystery – CIN2 – Core Lo No Show Profile Brief – Black

Tall, dark, and handsome. There’s something sexy and mysterious about your guy, with a large dose of serious style. The tonal waist band is subtle and the fabric and cut are on point.  Not a detail goes overlooked when it comes to his impeccable taste, and this black brief by C-IN2 will certainly pass the test.

From jolly and jovial, to serious and sexy, the Underwear Expert Club has your man covered. A thoughtful gift of personalized style is sure to please this holiday season. You sign up, and he’ll do the rest, taking a style quiz to ascertain his preferences. Heck, you may even learn a little something about him that you never knew you never knew. Get gifting today.

Model Adam Waldo


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