Style Guide: New Year Around the World

Get out your party hats and your noise makers, break out the champagne and wet your lips for that new year’s kiss! A new year year is upon us, and if public sentiment is to be trusted, it’s not a moment too soon. Wether you blame 2016 for your life’s problems or not, it’s time to celebrate and raise a toast to a new year and new beginnings. The new year is something we celebrate globally, with a majority of the world. So we thought it was only appropriate to ring in the new year by looking at undies from brands all around the globe. In today’s style guide, model Joseph Payne Colton shows off some of our favorite worldly pairs.

The Underwear Expert Club seeks out only the best underwear, near and far, to make sure you get a perfectly curated collection meant just for you. Even if that means we bring in brands from our own shores or from way down under! Take a look, take the quiz and get started with your monthly underwear membership today!

A Wild Ride – Muchacho Malo Extinct Print Trunk

Muchacho Malo may mean “bad boy” in Spanish, but the brand is actually based in the Netherlands. They are known for their wild patterns and bright colors. Any pair from this brand is certainly a great option for a crazy party boy to rock out in during the big ball drop! One New Years tradition in the Netherlands is to take a nice cold dive into the North Sea, so strip on down to your wild undies from Muchacho Malo and jump in to 2017.


A Passion Filled New Year – Marco Marco Red Essentials Brief

No one does color and “bold” better than Marco Marco, a brand located right here in sunny Los Angeles. Passion, excitement and lots of partying is how we like to ring in the new year here in the US. We go out and dance, or gather at events, or watch the ball drop in Time Square, eagerly anticipating a brand new year and a brand new start. You can keep things bold and exciting too, with new monthly shipments of underwear arriving right in your mailbox! Get started today.


No Time For Shy – Garcon Model Española Trunk

We’re having a good time traveling around the world with this article, and an even better time mixing our destinations. For example; this may be the Española Trunk, but Garcon Model is a company based in Canada. Similar to the Netherlands, some places in Canada have a tradition of taking a polar bear plunge on new years, which gives you the perfect opportunity to show off the bright bold colors of your Garcon Model undies!


teamm8 – Blue Super Low Brief

Our next stop is the land down under with the Australian based brand teamm8. Here, it’s traditional to ring bells, honk horns, and cause a general noisy ruckus to properly ring in the new year. In our opinion, even with its subtle blue color, this sexy and super low pair of briefs makes it’s own noise as well! But don’t worry, if this is too skimpy for you, we’ll know based on the preferences you set when you join the club. Take the quiz!


Diesel – Fuchsia UMBR Jack brief

It’s no surprise that Italy, where our next brand is based, has new year traditions based around their delicious food. The passion of the people and the food they eat is baked into every aspect of their culture (pun intended). So, with Italian based brand Diesel, we’re featuring a passionate pair in this bold fuchsia color and European-friendly cut.

No matter where you’re from, or what your taste or traditions are, the Underwear Expert Club has you covered! We can’t wait to help you fill up your top drawer with hand-selected undies in 2017. Make it your new year’s resolution to be more stylish, and then start from the foundation up. Join today! 

Model Joseph Payne Colton


One thought on “Style Guide: New Year Around the World

  1. Saryan Sha says:

    Wow! Five new types of under wear for five days of the week in the new year!

    I think that’s cool!

    The extinct-print-trunk looked like a sports wear shorts for cycling, sprinting, and other sport activities.

    I wonder if there are other colors, prints and designs in this series.

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