Style Guide: Those Holiday Sweaters

We’re all familiar with the knit patterns of the classic “Holiday Sweater.” And it would seem in recent years that they’ve made a serious come-back. Whether it’s your office Ugly Sweater Party or just a festive gathering to which you love to wear your best reindeer sweater, we’re taking a look at some undies that will go great with whatever crazy pattern you choose to adorn yourself in. Model Matt Ludwinski shows off five pairs of underwear perfectly paired to go with your best seasonal sweaters.

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Bright and Cheery! – Garcon Model – Mansion Boxer Brief – Pink/Grey

Are you the guy who’s holiday spirit outshines all the rest? Maybe you like to keep your festive fever a little more low key? Either way, this bright and bold pair of boxer-briefs from Garcon Model is perfect! Hide your cheer beneath more subdued and classic grey tones like this sweater, and you’ve got a classy combination. The matching grey accents on the undies make it a stylish match.

Earth and Fire – Marco Marco – Essentials Trunk – Yellow

When you’re going super earthy on top, we suggest a bold burst of warmth underneath it all. The bright yellow of this trunk by Marco Marco brings out the orange accents of the sweater its paired with, and compliments the more subdued tones. It’s not all about matchy-matchy, a little contrast can go a long way!


Macho Man – Mack Weldon – Brief – Burnt Russet

Who says men can’t wear pink?! We certainly don’t, especially when it’s actually “burnt russet.” The color just sounds manly. The deep pink tone pairs perfectly with the mauve patterns woven into the masculine sweater. The classic cut and outdoorsy style of the brief also falls right in line with the log cabin style of the top. Get dressed up in this look and then cozy up by the fire. And remember, we’ll always be sure to keep styles and colors coming that match your personal taste. Take the style quiz to get started.


Reindeer Games – Junk Underjeans – Vibe Trunk – Grey/Red

The classic reindeer sweater, a staple that every guy needs in his closet for the holiday season. We’ve paired it perfectly with matching greys and reds to make this one stylish team. Personally we think it’s just right for a nice warm Christmas Eve inside by the fireplace with that special someone.


Something Truly Special – Pump – Titan Jockstrap – Blue

For the man who isn’t afraid and who has a sense of humor, we suggest a truly bold statement. Some may call this an “ugly” sweater, but we see it as fun and light-hearted! For a true surprise, match it with a bold jockstrap like this one from Pump to take things up a notch. Make a statement this holiday season, either just for yourself, or for your holiday honey.

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Model Matt Ludwinski



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