Style Guide: Comfy, Cozy

For a lot of men, the underwear they chose for a day at the office has to be functional and supportive for their on-the-go life. But when it comes time to relax and cozy up at home with a book, a significant other, or the latest hot series on Netflix, comfort is king. In today’s style guide, Luke Lombardo get’s comfy to show off some of our top undies in which to play it lazy. The best part is, most of these underwear can transition perfectly to your daytime needs as well! Tell us more about your style and preferences in our style quiz and we can get your first hand-picked package to you asap!


Warming Up – Mack Weldon – Boxer Brief – Aegian Blue / Bamboo

Grab the blanket and a hot cup of tea. This pair of boxer briefs from Mack Weldon strikes just the right balance of cozy comfort and cool fashion. That mean’s its the ideal pair to wear at home with nothing over it! Its modest long leg covers enough skin, while the casual stripe keeps them from being too boring. Feel free to wear this pair when others are around.



Rainclouds at Sunset – Wood – Boxer Brief – Violet Grey

The color and even the name of this pair reminds of that special shade an evening sky turns when just the right number of clouds fill the sky. Curling up with these boxer-briefs from Wood will keep you feeling safe and sound inside while Mother Nature does what ever she pleases outside. And if these seem too long for your style, don’t worry, we’ll know based on your style preferences and you’ll only get the goods that suit your needs. Start your membership today.



Game Time – 2Eros – To Eros Boxer Brief – Yellow

The game is on and it’s just you, your beer, and your favorite comfy chair. This pair of boxer-briefs from 2Eros is both athletic in style and SUPER comfy in cut. We have to admit that the pouch puts your quarterback in a forward position, so maybe not the pair you’ll wear when guests are around, unless it’s that one special person.



Hot and Mild – CIN2 – HARD//CORE Army Trunk

The bold red color makes this pair of trunks hot, but the classic cut and comfortable ribbed fabric keep it just mild enough for a lazy day in. Red is the color of heat, romance, lust, and passion, so don this pair when you’ve got some time to spend with your special someone. If you love bright bold colors, let us know in the style quiz. We’ll pick the perfect pairs for your style preferences and send you an expertly curated box every month!



No Winter Blues – Junk Underjeans – Vibe Trunk – Grey

The winter weather has you stuck indoors, you’re feeling a little blue, so you want something that matches that feeling. You reach for a pair of grey undies, a good match for your emotional state. But the pop of color on this pair can cheer you right up! Accents of red add a hint of flavor to spice things up, but the heather grey body keeps it cool. This pair is the versatile trunk for just about any at-home activity.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got the blanket and the cup of warmth, now you just need the undies! Sign up for the Underwear Expert Club and we’ll take care of that for you! No hassles, no tassels, just the right undies for you. Get started today.


Model: Luke Lombardo


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