Style Guide: Coal In Your Stocking

When is coal not a bad thing for the holidays? When it’s charcoal colored undies from the Underwear Expert Club! The color is both classic and classy, perfect for just about any man. In today’s style guide, model Ben Bigler shows off some of our favorite shades of grey available in the club. Wether you’re joining the club for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life, you can’t go wrong with this charcoal in your stocking.


Keep it Classic – Mack Weldon – Boxer Brief – Cloud Burst

Wether you’re naughty or nice, this medium shade of grey is just right. Mack Weldon’s classic boxer-brief cut may be a little old-school, but it’s super comfortable and stylish enough for the modern man. From the gym to the office, this is a basic that can get you through just about anything.



Static Noise – Marco Marco – Gray All Over Trunk – Grey / Black

We’re not sure if it was intentional by the man himself, Marco Marco, but this pair of trunks from the Los Angeles based brand reminds us of that classic tv static fuzz from our childhood. The heathered white and black gives the illusion of grey, with nicely contrasting solid black piping and logo waistband. A slightly different take on “grey,” but one we’re happy to include in this list.



Come to the Dark Side – CIN2 – HARD//CORE Army Trunk – Black

It may technically be black, according to the company, but with the slightly heathered texture, we just like to think of it as a really dark grey. Being the darkest shade of grey represented in today’s style guide, it certainly evokes a dark and handsome feeling. While it may also be the closest to the real color of charcoal, maybe this pair is just right for that bad boy in your life, even if that’s you. If you like dark colors and modern cuts (and even if you don’t) we’ve got you covered with a membership to match your style, take the style quiz and get started today.



Fun and Fancy Free – Diesel – UMBX Hero Trunk – Grey Stripes

If you don’t like things simple and solid, if you like a little pattern under your jeans, then this trunk by Diesel is the grey pair for you. Grey certainly doesn’t have to be boring, and adding in a little interest with subtly colorful stripes can keep things interesting. Even if you’re a fun-loving guy, you might be surprised how well a little grey can fit into your top drawer.



Hip to be Grey – Wood – Hip Brief – Charcoal Grey

The sexiest cut from Wood, the hip brief is very modern and stylish, but this shade of charcoal grey just knocks it out of the park in our book. The staple white waistband from the brand adds the right amount of contrast to what we consider one of our absolute favorite textiles this season. Wether your a brief guy or you like the extended leg coverage of a trunk or boxer brief, this shade is perfect in all cuts.

Let us know your cut preference, tell us about your style and we’ll take it from there. Expertly selected undies will be on their way to your doorstep every month! Check it out and get started today.


Model Ben Bigler


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