Style Guide: You’re Welcome

The meaning of the first Thanksgiving: giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. We’ve come a long way since then, but we really like this old-school definition. As a result, we’re blessing you with The Underwear Expert’s most bountiful harvest yet: a healthy surplus of the market’s very latest styles and designs. Let us know what would make you thankful by visiting the Underwear Expert Club, and then we’ll see to it that your prayers get answered: undies like these will be on their way to you every month. Yep, you’re welcome.


American As Apple Pie

The all-time/every time choice for the All-American boy next door: traditional with a touch of simplicity, but don’t mistake that simplicity for naivete. At first glance, you look modest and unassuming; but the look of those briefs make quite an impression, and can trigger deeper, more intense reactions. Keep it understated: you can wear basic and look awesome without even trying (this is not as easy as it looks).These briefs go with anything; the style reflects your look: sporty, athletic. Even so, if you want to branch out into the unknown, visit out Underwear Expert Club and let us know what you’re considering — we take it from there.



The Cornucopia

The Cornucopia — as it’s set on the Thanksgiving table —  is associated with prosperity and spiritual abundance. The Pilgrims featured it at the first Thanksgiving, but it goes back even further, attributed to Greek and Roman gods. As a baby god, Zeus was fed from it to get nourishment and strength — and you know how he turned out. The wild design reminds us of you: fun but masculine, bold but streamlined, hiply square. Sexy too. If you’re all these things, but not much of a pattern guy, check out our Underwear Expert Club and tell us your preferences — we’ll take it from there. If you have any questions on sizes, colors, or styles, visit our Underwear Expert Club.



The Plymouth Rock

Just because you’re strong and stoic doesn’t mean that you are not adverse to adapting other personas. You’re always surprising everyone with your uncanny ability to roll with every situation. We’ll seat you anywhere at the Thanksgiving table, and you’ll easily, casually make friends with anyone sitting next to you, turning small talk into something more. You’re like this slim-fitting boxer brief: engineered to be comfortable in any situation. It’s long and strong.



A New Leaf

Giving thanks often makes you contemplate the areas of your life that need fine-tuning and re-examination. When you’re determined to make some changes by starting over, it’s usually a matter of going back to basics. And here’s where you can start. This very basic brief reflects the personality traits in you that you should never, ever change: boldness, strength, and elegance. And high quality too. When you’re exploring new life options and opportunities, do it with the ultimate in fit and comfort. If you have any questions on sizes, colors, or styles, visit our Underwear Expert Club.



The Centerpiece

It’s relaxed and comfortable, but it also holds you in place. Look close: there’s a tan contrast placed between the legs to make it look like your skin is exposed, but in actuality, you’re covered. It’s just one more way you manage to be the center of attention, whether you are gunning for it or not.


Name your style, and The Underwear Expert Club has what you want and need. You’re not easily pegged — you’re not easily described. You keep changing inside. So we got you covered, from classic to wild, from respectable to sexy. Your monthly package will cover all the bases and roll with you as you evolve. And here’s the best part: if part of that persona of yours is “choosy,” you can preview your shipment before it leaves our warehouse — simply pick and choose what you want and what you don’t want. We get it. In fact, we encourage it. Hey, we’re grateful for you too, and we want to show our thanks by making this easy for you, and filled with awesome choice.  Get started today!






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