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As the experts, we know jockstraps may not be every man’s cup of tea. But from fashion to function, jockstraps can actually have a place in your undie drawer, if you’re up for something a little daring and different. If you didn’t know, the function of a jockstrap is to provide sporty support while maintaining an airy breathability (hence the lack of back on these bad boys). But over time, they’ve also become a sexy fashion option for guys. Think of it as a modern male equivalent to a ladies g-string. In today’s style guide, model Jacob Petersen shows off five of our favorite jockstraps from the Underwear Expert Club. If jockstraps are in your wheelhouse, you can select them in our style quiz. Mix and match with other styles and you’ll get a monthly shipment made just for you.


It’s Electric! – Marco Marco Neon Script Contrast Jock

It’s a party in the front and in the back. Designer Marco Marco is known for his loud colors and prints and for having no shame in his game. And a guy wearing this pair would need to have the same. You can go the jockstrap route and still keep things simple, or you can go all-in with a zero-f’s-given approach.  You can guess which ideology this pair falls into.


Daring Date Night – Pump! Black Jockstrap

This is the little black dress of jockstraps, but with a punch of pop provided by the large logo waistband. Imagine a night out, a fancy dinner, and this sexy little piece under your hottest date-night duds. Just knowing you’ve got this surprised tucked away will keep your excitement buzzing from door-knock to “wanna get outta here?”. If this sounds appealing to you, we’ve got you covered. Selecting jockstraps in the style quiz will certainly add some thrill to your top drawer.



Run For It – Jack Adams Cross Train Jock

This pair puts the “jock” in jockstrap. Jack Adams is known for their sporty esthetic and it’s never more present than in their jocks. Contrast piping over solid colors provides a sporty look before you even see the elastic leg straps. Want to wear a jockstrap for its intended purpose, this is the pair for you. Although, we have to admit, there’s still something quite tantalizing about wearing something like this to the gym or on the field.



The Show Off – Obviously Slate Downtown Jockstrap

Sleek. Comfortable. Slightly revealing. This jockstrap doesn’t leave much to the imagination with it’s thin and shockingly soft fabric. The contoured pouch puts all your goodies in their proper place, and then puts them on display. Not for the timid or shy, this jockstrap is a fashionable way to flaunt your inner exhibitionist.



Fashion Fiend – 2Eros Magenta To Eros Jockstrap

This pair is the perfect example of what we’d call a “fashion jockstrap.” Bright color combinations and careful design lead to a fun and stylish pair of underwear. While most jockstraps are for the bold at heart, this one takes the cake. The stunning color of the contour pouch really draws attention, while the fabric and shape put it all out there. We wouldn’t suggest this one for the locker room, but we’re sure there are plenty of other reasons to wear it!

Remember, fortune favors the brave, and wearing a jockstrap certainly qualifies. Wether it’s for someone or for yourself, it can leave you feeling powerful. Think about adding jockstraps to your monthly shipment, it’s a bold move, but you can change it at any time. Get started today!


Model Jacob Petersen


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