Going Home Again

You’re not the same person you were when you first left home, and upon your homecoming this holiday season, you’re not the only one noticing the change in you. Your new sense of independence, boldness, and confidence is hard to miss, and its reflected in your attitude and your style. The following are some suggestions we think go well with the new you, but if you have any questions on sizes, colors, or styles, visit our Underwear Expert Club to sync up your fashion sense with the extraordinary change in you.


Moth To A Flame

Let’s examine why you left home in the first place. You were not going to be that guy who lived his whole life within a 50-mile radius, marrying your high school sweetheart and toiling for 35 years in a cubicle at the local corporate center. Nope, you had other plans. You were attracted to the bright lights of the big city, that glowing combustable combination of invitation and temptation, and away you fluttered. That’s why you’re going to love and totally understand this brightly designed trunk, with a contour pouch, allover print and banded waist with logo detail. This holiday, you’re going to wear it back to wear you came from, as a reminder of where you are now, and where you are going. It’s a nice place to visit, but you’re always going to fly to the flame.


The Conquering Hero

Your hometown is tired of all the local gossip — you’re the big news now. Upon your return this holiday, everyone is all ears — and all eyes — to see how the big city treated you and turned you out. Clearly, the big city looks good on you. Like any hero who had the balls to venture out on his own, you prefer the bold, strong look of this boxer brief. You choose it because it reminds you of you: comfortable in its own skin, and just by virtue of its look, it’s sexy, inviting temptation at every turn. You’re not the same little boy you were when you first left home. The townfolk can’t help but notice that now. Have questions or need some guidance or advice on styles, tastes, colors or sizes? Click here to get in touch with our Underwear Expert Club.


Your Many Shades 

Moving to the big city has deepened you in countless ways. You’ve seen things and experienced life in a way that your hometown could never show you. You think back to the person you were before you left — can that really be you? You’re more sophisticated now; you have more of a grasp of the human experience. That’s why you prefer this brief, which represents your story with its multi-shade design, keeping you cool in any situation, allowing you to breathe no matter what comes your way. Exotic yes, but also ironically traditional — at least at first glance.


The Return of Hip

Hip. What the hell does that mean? Where you live now, people don’t say it, or even think it. If it’s referring to a sense of style and attitude, it just comes naturally to you. You were wired for it all along — it just took leaving home for it to present itself. The hometown folks can see it in you; if they want to call it “hip,” whatever. Your evolution is undeniable, and they catch your vibe sure enough. Your newfound sense of style is alive and vibrant, like this brief that gives your plenty of room for movement. It’s super soft and flexible; trendsetting too. Need some advice or guidance on styles, colors, sizes or tastes? Click on our Underwear Expert Club.


The Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was famous for painting images of small-town America, and this brief, well, rocks. Its loud, with bold, brash stripes and a contoured pouch that announces itself. You are going to be turning a few small-town heads here. Proceed with caution.

You left home in search of something more for yourself. Let The Underwear Expert Club help reflect that as the person you are today. Whatever your desire, we’ve got you covered. And here’s the best part: you can preview your shipment before it leaves our warehouse — simply pick and choose what you want and what you don’t want. Choosing your new underwear collection will be way easier than the decision to leave home — but like that decision, you’ll be glad you did, and you won’t regret it for a moment.  Get started today!


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