Style Guide: Decisions, Decisions

If you’re from the U.S., then you’d probably agree that we’re all growing weary of the political race currently at hand. But regardless of your opinion on the candidates, it’s time for America to step up and vote for our next president. In honor of the upcoming election day, this week’s style guide takes a patriotic viewpoint. Model Paul Revesz shows off pairs from the Underwear Expert Club featuring all-American red, white, and blue.

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In the Navy – TeamM8 Classic Navy Brief

Perfect for a day at sea, a day at work, or enjoying any other freedom our great country has to offer, this brief is the perfect not-so-basic staple for any man’s top drawer. It’s low-rise, classic cut is flattering, and the simple white logo detail on the waistband and deep color make this pair both versatile and fashionable.



Seeing Red – Flame Scarlet Electric No-Show Brief

Even if you’re not typically a bold color kind of guy, we suggest you give this fiery red brief a try. The raised lettering on the waist band gives a bit of interest, but the solid and unapologetic red body provides the real shock and awe here. Talk about freedom of expression, this brief is all about expressing your sexy side! This and many other bold and sexy pairs could be on their way to you this month, if it fits in your personal style, of course. Just take the style quiz and we’ll know if it’s right for you.



Diplomatic Solutions – Garcon Model Navy Elite Trunk

This trunk is soft, comfortable, fashionable, and maybe even a little sporty. It’s not to long, and not too short. It’s a great pair of underwear for nearly any occasion. The white accent waistband adds just enough detail to keep things interesting, and the solid bright navy color keeps things cool and calm. There’s no arguing that this pair will be the feel-good peacekeeper of your undie drawer.



All-American Jock – Jack Adams Red Relay Brief

Wether you’re into playing them, watching them, or couldn’t care less about them, this pair of briefs will certainly bring to mind that passion of oh-so-many Americans: SPORTS! From tight-ends to pitchers, any athlete can appreciate their sporty look and feel. And heck, even if a round of mini-golf is too competitive for your taste, this pair still packs a wallop of sex-appeal.

The moral of the story is simple. Wether you’re red or blue, a donkey or an elephant, a righty or a lefty; you can still wear amazing underwear. More importantly, you can still get out and vote! Make your voice heard in the voting booth. And, make your voice heard in the Underwear Expert Club, we’re listening! Take that style quiz and vote for your favorite undie colors and styles. We’ll support your decision no matter what.


Model Paul Revesz


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  1. Damon Diamonde says:

    Where are the whites? Not very patriotic to say it’s a red, white and blue feature with only red and blue! Commies!

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