Five Looks: College Football

The World Series is over, the Chicago Cubs have secured their place in history, and now America can make way for its real favorite pastime: College Football. Whether you’re watching from the sidelines or from your couch, it’s important that you’ve got the right underwear to support both yourself and your favorite team. In this episode of Five Looks, The Underwear Expert Club shows you a few stylish items from the club whose colors also happen to show off the school spirit of some of college football’s best teams. With so many brands and styles, The Underwear Expert Club has the right pair for every fan. Head on over after you watch to get your first box delivered directly to your door in time for next weekend’s tailgate.

Chris and Bruin first take to the field to show you just how versatile underwear can be. Chris sports the fashionable Eco Sunset Brief by Mosmann, in a nod to a top-rated school over-run by wolverines. The bamboo fabric of this brief not only makes it extremely wearable, but also allows for a breathability that keeps you cool in the summer heat, and warmer during those late season games. Representing a school not far from Steel-Town USA, Bruin wears Pump’s aptly named Blue Steel Touchdown Trunk, a game-ready pair whose micromesh offers the perfect amount of support.

Chris then takes a little timeout to relax in the ultra-comfortable Wood Hip Brief. It’s a great pair to lounge around in, and the stunning violet color of this brief will definitely make you feel like one cool (wild) cat. Bruin does a little stretching in the Jack Adams Cross-Train brief, another pair that offers both flare and function for physical activity. The bright orange fabric and navy blue piping may remind you of a certain university found in the land of Lincoln.

We finally find Chris showing some confidence in his team while wearing the Happy Socks Basketweave Boxer Brief. It’s got an eye-catching print and longer cut if you want to get a little attention while still remaining modest in the locker room. Of course you won’t need modesty when this team at the crossroads of America is hailed number one!

So what did you think of Five Looks: College Football? What team will you be cheering on this Saturday? And what underwear will you be wearing when you do? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of the latest additions to The Underwear Expert Club.





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