Welcome to the Club: Muchachomalo

Welcome to the Club: Muchachomalo is The Underwear Expert’s opportunity to announce that Muchachomalo has joined The Curated Underwear Club, which means that the artistic offerings from Shirley Schoonebeek’s company could be part of the assortment of underwear you find delivered to your door each month. With the video below, we’d like to say, Welcome to the Club, Muchachomalo, as well as offer you an exlusive code for 30% off your first month in the club.

In Muchachomalo, Schoonebeek founded what has today become signature bad boy underwear, a spirited brand that never strays from it’s commitment to avant-garde prints showcasing the stable of artists that she employs at the heart of her company. Schoonebeek wanted to create a brand that did more than celebrate the bad boy, so she decided to also celebrate his creative side, which each pair of Muchachomalo displays with all confidence.

Below you’ll find Style Reporter and Model Chris Boudreaux showing off several pairs that are part of the club’s offerings, so can get a sense of not only how the underwear looks, but also how it moves. Ready for any occasion, casual or active, Muchachomalo is meant to adapt to the man wearing it while allowing him to speak through the wild and inventive prints that will catch an eye and start a conversation.

We’d like to welcome Muchachomalo and all their in-house artists who contribute to the collections to The Curated Underwear Club. We know you’ll be happy with the selections you’ll find that coming directly to you when you join.

What did you learn from Chris Boudreaux during Welcome to the Club: Muchachomalo? Do you already own a pair of their trunks? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Style Reporter and Model: Chris Boudreaux


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