Style Guide: Seaworthy Part 2

It may be sunny and warm year-round here in Los Angeles, but for a lot of the northern hemisphere, fall is creeping in. We wanted to share with all of you a little more of that sunshine before the cold weather settles in. For today’s style guide, model Derek Pratt (DT Model Management) helps us count down our five favorite sea-inspired undies featuring bright and cheery colors.

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For a Bold Splash of Sunshine – 2 Eros, To Eros Brief

This underwear is the brightest and boldest in our story, with its nearly solid yellow body. The accents of navy blue are kept to a minimum to let this pair’s light shine with reckless abandon. The cut is also not for the faint of heart, with its low rise and accentuating pouch. Put this pair under your office clothes any day of the week and it will have you thinking cheery thoughts all day long.



For your Inner (or Outer) Athlete – Jack Adams, Charcoal and Yellow Cross Train Brief

It may only have a hint of the colors our story features today, but it packs a punch with its athletic style. Jack Adams definitely knows its way around a good sporty pair of briefs, and this latest addition is no exception. With the blue and yellow accent piping, this pair might be perfect for volleyball at the beach or rowing down a river. We suggest you pair them with some light and bright, sporty shorts and t-shirt for a gym-ready, casual look.



Feed your Fun Side – 2(X)Ist, Saffron Zig Zag Brief 

Show off your wild side at sea (or on dry land) with the crazy patterns and bright colors of this pair. The lines bring nautical inspiration to the design, while bold breaks of color provide the fun! This pair is perfect for the wild-child, the cliff diver, or the booz-cruiser. We also like to think it’s a great pair under any outfit, to add that element of surprise and excitement. And like the rest, these undies are available in our club. Wether you like your undies wild or mild, get started by filling out your style profile here.



Practical, Yet Stylish… and Did We Mention, Damn Comfortable? – Mosmann, Eco Sunset Trunk

The first thought that comes to mind when describing any pair of Mosmann underwear is, without a doubt, comfort. Their choice of fabric is always gloriously soft. The bright yellow stripes clearly conjure ships and sailors, but the casual cut is perfect for lounging at your beach house or on the deck of your boat. While they’d go great with any day-to-day wear, we think this pair is the kind of thing you’d love to wear all by itself.



Sunshine, Mesh and Stripes, Oh My! – 2xist, Artisan Gold Rugby No Show Brief

One part party, one part nautical, and a dash of sportsman. This pair is versatile enough for just about any occasion. Throwing a party on your private yacht, playing shuffleboard at the resort, or meeting friends for a beach-side brunch, this pair works! It’s mesh fabric leaves things breathable, but it’s bright colors and stripes keep it fashionable. What else could you want in a pair of undies? …No really. Let us know! Take the style quiz so we know exactly what you prefer. Get started here.

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Model: Derek Pratt

Agency: DT Model Management


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