Style Guide: Seaworthy Part 1

71% of the Earth is covered in water. So it’s no surprise that mankind takes inspiration from the sea. In Part 1 of our style guide “Seaworthy” we explore the deeper sider of nautical undies with pairs in deep shades of red, blue and grey. We took model Derek Pratt (DT Model Management) to the beach to show off some of our latest and greatest pairs that would be right at home on board any yacht, ship or dinghy. And keep an eye our for part 2, featuring the bright and cheery, sunshine side of the doubloon.

All of the underwear you see in our style guides are hand picked by the experts here. And even better, each box we pack and ship out is customized to match each man’s style. So, whether your a seafarer or a landlubber, we’ve got you covered. Take the style quiz and get started today.








Model: Derek Pratt

Agency: DT Model Management


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  1. Julien says:

    Hello guys,
    Love this selection !
    Which brand are the second briefs coming from? (the one with the herringbone pattern) I love it !

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