Style Guide: Hot Child in the City Part 2

We’ve all heard the phrase, tall, dark, and handsome; but when it comes to hot undies, bright and bold have their place as well. We have found that most men lean towards the cooler end of the color spectrum when it comes to their underwear, but in today’s style guide, model Joe Martinez (DT Model Management) shows us that sometimes, hot is hotter.

Earlier this week, Joe showed off dark and sexy choices from the club in Part 1. Here we’re showing underwear in shades of red, orange and yellow that are just as alluring. So wherever you land on the subject of color, the Curated Underwear Club has you covered with sexy skivvies curated just for you. And don’t worry if you’re not up for showing this much skin, we’ve got the perfect pairs of trunks or boxer briefs for you as well! Take our style quiz and get started today.







Model: Joe Martinez

Agency: DT Model Management


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