Marco Marco Model Talk: David Ratcliff

Marco Marco Model Talk: David Ratcliff introduces you to a charismatic model, actor, and dancer from London, England. After arriving in Los Angeles only a few years ago, David met Marco Marco through some mutual acquaintances, and shortly thereafter he started modeling for the company. There’s no doubt that David has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! He specifically cites the color, personality, and ostentatious attitude that comes with the parties and runway shows associated with the name Marco Marco.

One thing the video below will reveal is that, though David likes to have fun, maybe sing Spice Girls at karaoke, for example, he takes his modeling work quite seriously. He eats well, fridge stocked with chicken and vegetables, but he eats especially well leading up to any shoot so that he can be in top form. Of course David exercises, enjoying leg day as much as arm day, but he puts in extra time whenever he knows he’ll be stepping before the camera in Marco Marco. In a moment of weakness, it’s worth noting, he does love a good, juicy hamburger. One that requires two hands!

Unfortunately, London fog being as far away as it is from Los Angeles sun, David doesn’t get back home nearly as often as he’d like to see all his friends and family. Among the other things you’ll learn in model talk is what we can glean from David’s choices in music (Lil’ Kim rather than Nicki Minaj, Timberlake over Bieber): he’s old school. Check out the video below for more inside information on David and Marco Marco.

Did you enjoy Marco Marco Model Talk: David Ratcliff? What were some of David’s most intriguing traits beyond his modeling? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: David Ratcliff


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