Boxers or Briefs: WeHo Retail

Boxers or Briefs: WeHo Retail finds DanielXMiller and our popular video series on the move, walking through the streets of West Hollywood and looking to speak with willing local business owners about how they would answer a couple of our favorite questions. This episode is sponsored by The Underwear Expert’s exclusive Curated Underwear Club, bringing underwear selected to fit your specifications directly to your door each month.

The first guys that Daniel runs into is Jason, a photographer who specializes in capturing nightlife and shooting headshots. He absolutely prefers briefs to boxers, he’s quick to say, and he gives Daniel a serious checklist of his favorite brands, including Marco Marco, PUMP!, Andrew Christian, and N2N. What does his choice in underwear say about him? You’ll have to watch below to find out. As he continues down the street, at his next stop, WeHo Jocks, Daniel finds AJ, who also likes briefs. They’re classics, he says, and less is more.

At Brick and Mortar, Evan describes why he’d attracted to the Dolce & Gabbana briefs he’s wearing today, which is that they show he cares, but not too much. As this episode comes to a close, you’ll see Daniel in blue and yellow PUMP! briefs, and he also offers you his own promo code for 30% off your first month in The Curated Underwear Club. After you join, you’ll be much better able to answer the questions Daniel puts to our interviewees in Boxers or Briefs. Not to mention, you’ll have both something you and something brand new each month.

So, what did you think about out Boxers or Briefs: WeHo Retail? What do you prefer, and what does your underwear say about you? Check it out below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more men discuss their taste in underwear.

Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Style Reporter: DanielXMiller


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  1. dfranzen says:

    I’m sorry – I know he’s in WeHo, but could DXM be any more flaming? It is starting to be such a deterrent to watching Boxers or Briefs when I see that DXM is the host. You’re losing me guys….

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