Boxers or Briefs: Latin Dancer Boys

The Underwear Expert’s Curated Underwear Club presents Boxers or Briefs: Latin Dancer Boys in this installment of our popular video series, which means that host DanielXMiller is ready to elicit not only some hot takes from Latin dancers on their preferred styles and cuts for everyday and at work, but also provide viewers of this episode with an exclusive promo code for a discount on their first month in the club.

Eddie, Adrian, and Clay have heritage from Brazil, El Salvador, and Brazil, respectively, and they join Daniel in The Underwear Expert’s studio to discuss their taste in underwear and how they answer our crucial question, but they also share some personal details about what they miss or enjoy about traveling home. All the men in this episode prefer briefs for dancing, and only Clay chooses boxers for daily wear. These men are also quite selective, mentioning an array of brands, ranging from Marco Marco to PUMP!, as well as Calvin Klein.

Among the features you’ll appreciate about Boxers or Briefs: Latin Dancer Boys is the lesson these dancers give Daniel in Spanish words for underwear. Also, you’ll get to see what The Curated Underwear Club selected for Daniel this week: a pair of Muchachomalo trunks in grey. Use the promo code you find in Boxers or Briefs: Latin Dancer Boys to sign up for the club, select your underwear preferences, and expect to be pleasantly surprised at what arrives at your door each month: underwear suited to fit your needs at the same time exposing you to new brands and takes on your trusted styles.

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Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Style Reporter: DanielXMiller


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