Boxers or Briefs: Carioca Fashion Show

The frigid winter months are may be rapidly approaching in the northern hemisphere, but down in Rio de Janiero, Brazil the weather is just starting to heat up. Brazilian swimwear brand recently brought their newest styles to the Style Fashion Week show at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, and the Underwear Expert was there backstage to ask some of the models our favorite question. In Boxers or Briefs: Carioca Fashion Show you’ll find out what these models like to wear when they’re not strutting their stuff down the runway in some of the sexiest speedos around. After you’ve checked out the backstage banana hammock bonanza, head over to The Underwear Expert Club and sign-up to start receiving undies that are perfect for any season of the year.

Backstage at the Carioca show host Daniel Miller find Bryce, Kadu, and Thiago. Hailing from Utah, Bryce adds a bit of All-American flair to this South American-themed show, while Kadu is actually from Brazil. Thiago, also from Brazil, has lived in Los Angeles for about three years. When it comes to the favorite question Kadu is emphatic about his love for briefs, as finds them to be the sexiest option. Thiago also chooses briefs, though he finds comfort to be their best attribute. Bryce, on the other hand, is a fan of boxer briefs, due to the fact that they offer comfort, support, and versatility for any occasion.

After chatting with the models, Daniel does some modeling of his own, showing us his Vibe Trunks by Junk Underjeans, a recent addition to the racks of The Underwear Expert Club.

So, what did you think about out Boxers or Briefs: Carioca Fashion Show? What do you prefer, and what does your underwear say about you? Check it out below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more men discuss their taste in underwear.


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