Papi Iron Man

Like all wardrobes, all exercise routines require regular review. Maybe a few years ago you spent some time charting your progress in weight, reps, minutes and seconds at a CrossFit gym. A couple of years before that, you moved from shadowboxing to sparring in your kickboxing class. What is it this year? Regardless of whether you’re currently working on your archer pushups or your spinning back kick, you’ll be performing at your peak with Papi, and today we’re suggesting our own Papi Iron Man based on Papi’s Neon Sport Collection.

This Iron Man starts with cycling, and Papi’s Sport Cycle-Short is the obvious garment of choice. The Cycle-Short has a long leg to avoid chaffing in the saddle and a contoured pouch for lasting support and comfort. You can wear these shorts the entire 180.25 kilometers of the typical Iron Man without a problem. And then you can do it again. They have a sporty cut, a soft, elastic waistband, and they sit just below your natural waistline. When you’re done, you’ll be ready for the next leg.

We’re hitting the track, the street, or the treadmill, anywhere you like run, and we’re wearing the Papi Sport Trunk. It’s hot out, by the way, so fortunately the these trunks have quick-dry technology and mesh inserts to provide maximum breathability during the race. The 3.86 kilometer run isn’t really that challenging, right? Feel free to push it, sprint when you can, and take these trunks to the limit. They’ll respond.

We’re skipping the pool and hitting the weight room for the last leg of our Iron Man, mainly because we want to be seen in the Papi Sport Muscle Tee. You might have plenty of muscle tees lying around, but none of them are like this. The Papi Sport Muscle Tee uses the same, game-changing technology as the Sport Trunk, and it somehow manages a relaxed fit while also accentuating your arms, back, and chest. Pump up, cool down, and be thankful you packed a second Muscle Tee for relaxing after the competition.

How did the Papi Iron Man go? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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