Modus Vivendi Lacenet Line

Modus Vivendi Wide Line

The Modus Vivendi Lacenet Line is now available from one of the preeminent Greek underwear and swimwear brands, and this release marks an undeniably productive and diverse year of new designs and intriguing styles, which has surely kept men interested in what Modus Vivendi has up next. Shot in the brand’s studios in Thessaloniki, Greece, this series of interpretive and minimalist photos below shows the elegance and strength of the Italian, semi-transparent and rare fabrics used in the creation of this limited-release collection.

The Modus Vivendi Lacenet Line includes a wide range of cuts, including low cut briefs, backless briefs, and brazil-cut boxers, all of which will likely be available for a only a short time. In the images below, you’ll find a sleekly conceptual set of compositions and poses, deriving from Greek mythological figure Atlas, who in this case is balancing not the world but lace fabric, or maybe the world made of lace fabric. Theodoros Karvouniaris is a picture of balance and strength, suggesting the masculine themes of the Lacenet line and its ability to stand up activity, even considering its sheerness.The Modus Vivendi Lacenet Line is available in two different color fabrics, black and white, each of which features an intricate and original floral pattern that complements a matching and supportive fishnet waist. All of the items in the Modus Vivendi Lacenet Line are both handcrafted and designed to fit and enhance the beauty of the male form.

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You can find this look from Modus Vivendi and more here.


For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: P2Photography

Model Credit:Theodoros Karvouniaris

Sponsored by Modus Vivendi


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