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The Vancouver, British Columbia-based Garçon Model is the happy result of a collaboration between two French designers on opposite sides of the Atlantic, in Paris and Montreal. Since its inception, Garçon Model has always had a mission to make the style of their underwear speak to the personality of the wearer, and thus they remain a brand committed to an exclusive but diverse array of collections and looks. Check out About the Brand: Garçon Model for an introduction to the what this brand is all about.

Because Garçon Model believes their customers are stylish and vibrant men who want underwear to suit the needs of the range of activities that define our modern age, Garçon Model keeps performance and comfort at the fore of their vision for each collection. This truly began to take shape with the Miami Collection, a line that turned heads the world over and put Garçon Model on the map. Because their collections often include a full complement of of cuts, from boxer brief to jockstrap, trunk to brief, men with all undergarment predilections will be able to find a Garçon Model style to suit their needs.

Garçon Model is also an ethical company, aiming to responsibly source as many materials and aspects of their daily operation as possible, committed to both fair wages for the individuals that craft their products, and the avoidance of any harmful dyes in the creation of their signature dynamic color schemes. 

The latest development from the brand was their foray into swimwear, which saw the summer 2016 release of the Graffiti Collection. If you missed it, you’ll be able to check it below.

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Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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