Boxers or Briefs: Daniel’s Vlog

Marshall Perrin in Garcon Model Swimwear

Boxers or Briefs: Daniel’s Vlog is a departure in form for the Boxers or Briefs series, a cross-country departure in fact, as it brings DanielXMiller to Washington D.C., where he puts his favorite question to a number of passersby on the streets of our nation’s capital. The episode is sponsored by The Curated Underwear Club, The Underwear Expert’s signature service that delivers premium underwear right to your door. In Boxers or Briefs: Daniel’s Vlog, below, you’ll find a promo code for a discounted membership in the club.

D.C. also offers Daniel the opportunity to find fans of Boxers or Briefs and creative types in their own right at Playlist Live. He runs into Austin, Joey, and Nicolas, who are from Houston, Cleveland, and, surprisingly, Houston. Jason also takes part after stopping Daniel on the street. It turns out Jason is an east coast reader and viewer of The Underwear Expert, and like the other three guys, he also creates online content.

As far as underwear, Austin prefers briefs to boxers, mainly for they look, while Joey turns to boxer briefs for comfort. Nicolas likes briefs, mainly, but boxers are best under slacks because they let him breathe. Jason is another who favors the hybrid, boxer briefs. In terms of brands, hearing Hollister, from Austin, was a new thing for Daniel, and Joey likes an American Eagle, in blue. Nicolas isn’t picky, so he doesn’t worry as much about brands as color, which for him is also blue. Jason rounds out the list of men who like blue, and he chooses, classically, Fruit of the Loom.

What did you learn about the underwear preferences of men in our nation’s capital in Boxers or Briefs: Daniel’s Vlog? Check out Boxers or Briefs: Daniel’s Vlog below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more men discuss their taste in underwear.


Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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