Boxers or Briefs: Go-Go

Boxers or Briefs: Go-Go takes you on location to the famous Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood, a venue known for its mix of western and wild, and the perfect place to put one of our favorite questions to a group of guys familiar with dancing in their undies. The Curated Underwear Club, The Underwear Expert’s signature delivery service, bringing expertly chosen underwear with your specifications to your door each month, is the sponsor of this installment. In addition to gathering good information about why one might choose boxers of briefs, this episode will also provide you with a code for a discount during your first month in the club.

At Flaming Saddles, Kevin finds Zachary and Tyler, two dancers who are still relatively new the scene, Zachary in only his second week and Tyler in his second month. They enjoy meeting people at their job, getting compliments, and also being able to use rope swings, the latter being one of the reasons that underwear is of particular importance to the job. As it turns out, both Zachary and Tyler prefer briefs, but for different reasons. For Zachary it’s about feel, whereas for Tyler it’s about being in control of where his body is going, for support, especially when he’s dancing.

When dancing, they also prefer bright colors, orange for Zachary and teal for Tyler. Though Zachary doesn’t prefer a brand, he does lean toward the color black when he’s not on stage. Tyler reaches for Andrew Christian, which is what he has on today, and which is now available in the Curated Underwear Club. In the video, you’ll get to hear both of these dancers describe what they think their underwear says about them. You’ll also get a look at Kevin’s Happy Socks underwear, compliments of the Curated Underwear Club.

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Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Style Reporter: Kevin Spencer


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  1. Robb E says:

    The question should be “Boxers, Briefs or Boxer-Briefs?”
    I love boxer-briefs, they offer the right amount of cover and support without choking my tackle to death.

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