Style Guide: Tall, Dark, And Handsome

You know what “your color” is, whether your fashion sense is rudimentary or refined. Something teal can bring out the blue in your eyes. Something white can enhance the tan of your skin. Certain colors have always and will always look better on you. For tall, dark, and handsome men, those colors are deeply saturated. It’s model David Paez’s turn for an underwear shoot in our studio. He’s our tall, dark, and handsome man, and while the underwear wasn’t made for David, it was chosen specifically for him from our Curated Underwear Club.

If you’re a man with dark features, you may want a pair of underwear that’s clean-cut but still has a sense of fun. Wood and papi are two brands with a knack for underwear basics – a term not to be taken too literally. Wood’s stunning white/charcoal contrast, C-IN2’s black “Grip” line with bright accents of blue, and papi’s blue boxer brief are perfectly saturated pairs to make a summer tan pop.

The Curated Underwear Club also offers Diesel and Jack Adams, two pairs chosen to show to different ways saturated color can be used for very different effects. Diesel’s striped briefs can give a more trendy yet playful look, and with Jack Adams, you can look like the captain of the team.

Ready for a fashion upgrade from the Curated Underwear Club? Signing up is easy. First, you take our quick and painless style quiz. Your answers let us know the styles and designs you prefer, allowing us to pick the pairs of underwear that are right for you. One of our latest features also enables you to preview your future orders before they ship. We want to make sure you’re getting the perfect underwear in your perfect color. GET STARTED today!


[post_product product_id=”217326″ color=”blue” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”230674″ ]


[post_product product_id=”173657″ color=”charcoal-grey” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”230676″ ] [post_product product_id=”217343″ color=”redmulti” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”230677″ ] [post_product product_id=”204596″ color=”black” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”230678″ ] [post_product product_id=”217340″ color=”black” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”230679″ ]


Sign up for the Underwear Expert’s Curated Underwear Club and we’ll send you underwear based on your style, shipped directly to your door every month. We select from only the best brands around the world to make sure you get the very best underwear. Receive free shipping in the U.S. when you sign up for a package of two or more pairs per month, and cancel any time.

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Model: David Paez

Feature Image: Wood Hip Brief in Charcoal Grey

Wood, Diesel, Jack ADams, papi, grip lite army trunk (c-in2)


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