Style Guide: Those Summer Blues

The weather starts getting hotter, the days start getting longer. Every year when summer rolls around, your fashion instincts kick in and tell you: wear warm colors. But “warm colors” aren’t necessarily what you want. You want brighter colors, and when it comes to color temperature, even cooler players such as blue can lighten a look. We head outside with Bryce McKinney, and put him in Curated Underwear Club pairs that play it cool in blue.

Every man has something blue in his rotation, whether it’s underwear or not. Brands such as teamm8 or Modus Vivendi cater to men with more athletic sensibilities. Their featured designs use aqua for more attention-getting levels of brightness. You don’t need to be near a beach to have a sun-soaked state of mind.

Then again, if you’re an underwear aficionado, a simple change of color won’t make a statement for you. Wander off the beaten path, and you’ll find 2(X)IST and papi with prints impossible to miss. If classic and casual is more your thing, check our the Curated Underwear Club’s pick from Bluebuck. Stripes are evergreen, and nautical blue is perfect for summer.

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Model: Bryce McKinney

Feature Image: Bluebuck Nautical Brief in Navy Blue Light Blue Stripes


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